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Chitta & Sharan

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चित्त Chitta mentioned in my last post. And the discussion focused on the difference between चित्त Chitta and शरण sharan. He said, 'Chitta is a mental faculty and Sharan goes beyond the mind and relies on our belief in a God or Guru or a Super Power.' I agree with that. When our Chitta is attached to the world it cannot develop any belief beyond the intellect. Our mind and intellect are limited to what we perceive with our senses. As we gradually detach ourselves from the world, a higher level of Chitta that is part of our higher mind gets awakened. While we are awake we function from the heart level (Antahkaran), our dream state is at the throat level (Kantha) and beyond that is the deep sleep when we completely take our Chitta away from this world. When we are fast asleep we are not bothered by the pleasures and pains of this world. We are temporarily dead to the world. That is why a good night's sleep makes us feel refreshed and happy. We seek that happiness every time and feel uncomfortable if we cannot sleep well.

In the same way, there are different levels of Sharan. As a baby we had taken Sharan of our parents or care takers. We were unable to do anything for ourselves and this Sharan was because of our limitation as a child. But as we grow up we take Sharan of Kal and Maya, the creators of the world of misery as we depend on them for worldly pleasures. After innumerable lives we slowly detach ourselves to the pains and pleasures of this world and take Sharan of a higher power. Initially it will only be a partial Sharan and we will expect the higher power to do as we please and grant what we want. As we mature we take higher levels of Sharan and give up our actions prompted by the Individual Ego.

We surrender ourselves to the Universal Plan, Malik Ki Mauj, God's Will. As more and more Ego is eradicated we are able to align ourselves with the Supreme Will of God or a benevolent Super Power from who we all draw our strength. A complete surrender cannot happen overnight. Our Ego has been strengthened over innumerable lives and we have accumulated a lot of Karma. But the first crucial step in that direction can be taken if we come to believe that just as the Sun is the light and heat giving source for this world, there is a source for everything around. And there is a primordial source from which the entire creation has evolved and come into being. And as we get closer to that source, the bliss enjoyed by that source will be available to us in its entirety, permanently. If our higher level mind can grasp the logic behind this, it can slowly give up a little bit of Individualistic Ego and align with that Universal Source.

When a huge piece of iron is cut to shape and fitted in a plug it can get connected to a source of electricity and receive signals from the World Wide Web. In the same way if we want to draw power and supreme bliss from an eternal source we disconnect our Chitta from this world and connect it to an eternal Power Source and surrender our will to the Supreme Will of that Super Power.

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