Soamibagh, Agra

Radhasoami Dayal Ki Daya

Radhasoami Sahai

Eligibility: Sincere Love for the Supreme Being and an ardent desire to reach the highest abode of bliss

Process: Sumiran, Dhyan, Bhajan (Shabd Abhyas)

Special Feature: Open to people of all caste, creed, beliefs, faiths and who do not want to sacrifice their family, profession or normal routine of life.

Radhasoami faith & ‘Surat Shabda Marg’

Radhasoami Faith or Sant Mat is the faith of Surat Shabd Yoga, listening attentively to the sounds resounding within us all, at all times and of itself. The practice involves Sumiran, repetition of the Radhasoami name, Dhyan of the Sant Satguru, the perfect Guru who is in direct communion with the Supreme Father Radhasoami, and Bhajan, listening to the internal sounds. The secrets of the sound and the various stages it passes through are described in detail in prose and poetry by all the past Satgurus. However the real secrets are revealed by the Satguru of the time if the devotee holds a sincere desire to reach a place of permanent peace and bliss.

What is Surat?

Within us, within everyone, there is a ‘Jeev’. Everyone talks about 'Atma' and 'Paramatma'. All the people whatever faith they may belong to think that if Atma merges with the Paramatma they do not have to return to this place repeatedly. The goal of the people of other faiths end with ‘Brahma’ or ‘Parabrahma’ level. It does not go beyond. That is, all of them merge with Kal. Usually what is called as Atma or soul is not pure energy as there is a mixture of the mind even up to a very high level. In Radhasoami faith, Jeev is called Surat. Surat is pure energy and the mind or any form of matter is not associated with it.

How does Surat unite with Shabd?

Surat, alone, having been separated from the mind, catches the Shabd and with the help of the Shabd, (listening to the different sounds of the different places) ultimately reaches the Radhasoami Dham.

How does the Surat get separated from the mind?

If the seeker does Sumiran of the Radhasoami name slowly their mind will start getting cleaned. Mind will become pure. As the mind gets purified, the Surat which is sitting within, will start to come out. After the Surat comes out, it will catch hold of the Shabd, and along with the Shabd it will go up.

How is this faith different from others?

In each faith, the preacher or the Guru, can take us up to the place they have come from or reached through internal practices. When they reached the highest level they could, they found the power source of that place governing the entire creation below. So they considered that to be the highest abode and revealed the facts about that place to everyone. Beyond that they themselves did not know. That is why they could not reveal about higher planes even if they wanted to do so. They showed the way up to their level and took the people, who might have done some internal practices at that time or those who lived with them, to that place. None went beyond that. The people of other faiths, if they are truly devoted and sincere in their internal practices, merge in their ‘Isht’, their god, may it be Krishna, Ram, Shiv, Jesus, Mohammed, or whatever it might be. Most of these faiths end at the Brahm or Parabrahm level.

Radhasoami faith goes beyond Brahmand and takes the practitioners to Radhasoami Dham.

What happens at the time of death?

The influence of Kal is enormous here and he draws the people towards him as per the thoughts of their mind. We never know what kind of things will pass through our mind during the time of death. The collection of the Karma of previous births come in front of the person in the form of a blue print. We get entangled in our past activities . During sleep, when we begin to dream, we see things differently, we may be in places we might not have visited at all, something happens there and at that time they all appear true to us. And when we wake up we don’t understand anything. Whatever is deep within our brain are the collective impressions of previous births. When they come alive, and they would come alive sometime or the other, as per our ‘sanskar’ (inherited character) we get the next birth.

In the Radhasoami faith, if someone does Satsang repeatedly, does whatever they are asked to do, slowly their mind is purified, their ‘Sanchit Karma’ (karma of present actions) get erased slowly and in the end with the Daya of Malik they reach their original abode.

They do not go down to Chaurasi or the 84 type of births at the lower level and their Surat gets the power to stand before 'Jyoti', the light of Sahasdal Kawal. They stay in Chaitanya Samadi till their spiritual powers are enhanced and then they are brought down in a better birth where they continue with their practices. In this way in four births, sooner or later, as per the intensity of love and devotion by the devotee, the work gets completed.

What is the difference between the Yoga of other faiths and Radhasoami faith?

Many yogic practices begin at the lowest chakra, mooladhara chakra and with tough training reach up to the third til, or the third eye. The practice is not easy and almost impossible for children, very old people, women, men, etc. The restrictions are too many and only a few may reach the level of the third til.

Radhasoami faith begins at the third til and the practice takes the devotee to the higher realms, up to the Radhasoami Dham. The practice is easy compared to the other yogas like Patanjali but also difficult because the Surat is completely separated from the Mind. All the practices where the Atma does not go beyond the mind level, the mind also cooperates with the yogi to some extent. In this practice the practitioner has to work with the mind and yet go against the mind, get separated from the mind and yet live with the mind till death. This is possible only with the grace of Radhasoami Dayal and the constant help provided by the Sant Satguru.

Can Science and religion go together as per this faith?

This faith advocates personal internal experiences and advises the practitioners to keep checking their internal experiences and in case they fail to experience the results claimed by the faith, they should continue to search in other places. Maharaj Saheb says religious research should be conducted on the same lines as those employed in scientific research.

Why Radhasoami name? Why not any other name?

The name refers to the articulate sound of the initial spiritual current and the Shabd abyas is based on the sound vibrations heard within. Hence only this name must be used with the full understanding of how it represents the name of the highest abode. This name has been heard by the Sants of the highest order who had reached that level internally through Shabd Yoga.

Was this name given out by any other Sants in the past?

Sant Kabir had given this name not directly but indirectly and he revealed the higher abodes until Sat Desh. It was the Mauj to reveal only upto that level at that time. When Soamiji Maharaj descended on this earth and when His Gurumukh Saligram, Huzur Maharaj, heard this name within and had Darshan of Soamiji Maharaj internally as the incarnation of Radhasoami Dayal, He revealed this name.

Avatars or incarnations happen as per the level of human beings. That is why Matsya avatar happened first and later progressed with half man and half animal, Narasimha Avatar and finally ended with the complete avatar of Krishna. Krishna was 'sola kala ke avatar' while Rama was '12 kala ke avatar'. (Krishna 16 part avatar while Rama was 12 part avatar). After all the avatars of the other yugas were completed Sants started coming to earth. When the time was ripe to reveal the Radhasoami name in Kaliyug, which is externally worse than the other Yugas but spiritually the best, Radhasoami Dayal incarnated in the form of Soamiji Maharaj.

When he left for His abode, he passed on the work to Huzur Maharaj who was His Gurumukh, just as Dani Dharamdas ji was the Gurumukh of Kabirdas.

Radhasoami Satsang

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