Stories 2

Two Bodies for Two Coats

Mulla Nasruddin bought two new coats. He wanted to show off both. He tried to wear one on top of the other. He tried wearing one and holding another in his hand. Just then his friend Bola came to meet him. Mulla had a great idea. He told his friend, 'Bola, come let us go and meet some of my friends. Let's invite them to a party. You'll also get to know them'. His friend said, 'No Mulla, not today. I am not dressed properly'. Mulla snatched the opportunity and said, 'Don't worry Bola. I have a new coat. You can wear it'. His friend was impressed by the new coat and agreed to wear it.

Both of them went to the first friend's house. Mulla's friend said, 'Wow Mulla, you look great in that new coat!' Mulla was very happy. Mulla started introducing Bola to his friend. He praised Bola to the skies. Bola was happy. At the end of the introduction Mulla said, 'The coat he is wearing is mine'. When they came out if the house Bola was very angry. He asked, 'Why did you say like that?' Mulla said, 'Why? I only told the truth.' Don't worry about it now. Let's go and meet my second friend. Bola refused. But Mulla persuaded him and said he would be more careful this time.

Finally Bola agreed and they went to the second friend's house. As usual Mulla praised him to the skies and then said, 'The coat he is wearing is his own'. After coming out of the house Bola did not want to go anywhere with Mulla. Mulla said, ' Why are you upset? I told a lie to please you'. Bola said, 'There was no need to say anything like that. I will never come with you again'. Mulla persuaded him a lot and promised not to say anything about the coat when they meet the third friend.

They went to the third friend's house. Mulla praised Bola to the skies. Bola was hoping Mulla would stop talking.

Mulla concluded with,

'Don't ask me anything about the coat he is wearing.

I have promised him not to talk about it'.

Levels of Understanding

Level 1: Read and enjoy the way Mulla conveys his intended message in different ways including by not talking about it.

Level 2: Think of instances when we accumulate multiple houses, fleets of cars, designer dresses, etc. and the ways we find to show off.

Level 3: When we understand our true self, we will be able to value ourselves and others and not feel the need to show off accessories such as the body and mind.