Preceptors of All Faiths are Spiritual Scientists

Just as scientists build on past knowledge and as new knowledge and technology is made available the past discoveries are revisited to add to the knowledge, spiritual scientists build on past knowledge and add their personal experience and level of achievement to

- describe the worlds within,

- hypothesize what happens beyond death,

- identify ways and means of reaching a place of permanent peace and bliss.

The preceptors of all faiths, as per their level of achievement, advice their followers to undertake certain practices and when they are alive personally help them to reach their level. When they depart they pass on the power to someone who then continues the work.

All these preceptors are worshiped by the followers as they have demonstrated a way of reaching higher realms while still leading a life similar to ordinary human beings like ourselves. It is very tough for an ordinary human being to read, understand, analyse and choose a path that is best because every faith will naturally say theirs is better than others. So most people stick to the religion or faith they are born into and continue with it throughout their life and often consider the other faiths as less than their own.

How do we find which is the highest abode?

The easiest thing one can do is to be able to analyse oneself, one's desires, one's aims and aspirations of life and beyond. We can read the literature available for our own faith, whichever faith we are born into and understand what we are expected to do and try to practice it as sincerely as possible.

In addition to this we can pray to an unknown Supreme Being who is the creator of all creators and who is the Malik of the Supreme abode of bliss to help us develop a sincere desire for a spiritual pursuit and be eligible to receive what that Supreme Being can grant, whoever it might be. That Supreme Being out of his own benevolence will offer help to one and all whatever faith we may follow.

We may say, 'We do not know which is the right path and which is the right name to take and we have not even read and understood completely what our own religion or faith expects us to do. Please help us develop a desire for getting permanent bliss, help us know the ways and means of achieving it and personally extend your help to reach that abode of bliss.'

Since that Supreme Being is present within each one of us, our prayer will be heard and granted.

Till some inner experience is made available to us we need to keep an open mind, not get into debates of who is higher than who, consider all preceptors of all faiths with respect (in any case all of them have achieved something we are yet to experience) and wait for the helping hand.

When we walk this path to reach the highest abode we will meet all the preceptors of every faith on the way and hence like scientists we should analyse our sincerity in finding something beyond this world, gather data about ourselves, our personal experiences as compared to what we read from books of different faiths, form hypothesis about where the highest abode of bliss could be and test it during our meditation practices. But we need to remember that everything depends on the grace of the Supreme Being, whoever it might be and wait with patient impatience to become fit to receive internal experiences. Even after beginning to experience internal experiences we need to be cautious, not to stop at any intermediary level which is surely higher than our level on this earth. We do not want to stop anywhere on the way but to keep going till we reach the highest source of bliss from where we will never want to return to this lowest source of bliss.

Feel free to share your ideas on what you think about this.