Life After Death

Life After Death Scientific Evidence

Have you seen a ghost?

What do you think about ghosts? Read what the book 'Discourses on Radhasoami Faith' says and watch the video which provides scientific proof.

The book talks about finding proof scientifically and the video talks about a thorough

research with 243 subjects.


26. "From the various extraordinary cases which are recorded by investigators into spiritualism, it appears that after the spirit has quitted the physical frame, it is not lost or dissipated, but that it assumes other conditions about which we shall speak presently. The importance of these conditions, if they really exist, is supreme in a scientific study of the essence and laws of the spirit-force. We would therefore suggest that the extraordinary occurrences, referred to above, be subjected to such tests as would establish them once for all or disprove their accuracy. These extraordinary conditions, if established, would throw considerable light on the question of the essence and laws of the spirit-force, and would contribute in no small measure to an advance in the study of the spirit-force." (Discourses on Radhasoami Faith)

"The propositions so far established are, therefore, that, in cases of disembodied spirits, referred to,

(I) they remain subject to pleasure and pain similar to ours, and

(ii) they are not dissipated after death."